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Big White Rep (Bill Baird)

Regional Representative (area E).
2008 Pre-Election Letter to Voters
From the Dest of Bill Baird, Director for Electoral Area E
Editorial; Does Bill Baird Adequately Represent the Residents of Big White?
"Big White lies within the boundaries of Area E of the RDKB but because of the development's distinctive characteristics many services the Regional District provides to residents are unique to the resort." (from RDKB Website). Many Big White residents agree, and think its time the community had local representation. Bill Baird should agree to community requests for "Community Governance Feasibility Study" (see below).
File RDKB Voting Breakdown
Summary of registered voting in the RDKB. Voting results for 2005 in area E were; Area 'E' (West Boundary, Rock Creek, Big White) Bill Baird 311 Bill Bosovich 231 Spoiled Ballots 6 Total Votes Cast 548

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