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IHA Fees To Non-Residents

BC"S Medical Services Plan (MSP) and the Interior Health Authority (IHA) have raised the Basic Emergency Department Visit fee from $400 to $500 effective Dec. 1, 2007. This does not include Ambulance Fees (now $640 from Big White to Kelowna General Hospital), physician fees (now $300-$500 each), basic lab fees (minimum $196), or medications/braces. Now, an uncomplicated injury (i.e. ankle sprain with normal X-rays) will cost over $1500 by ambulance; over $1000 by private vehicle.
IHA Fees To Non-Residents

Don't Leave Home Without It

In an effort to generate revenue from non-Canadians, BC Ministry of Health has again increased medical costs to non-residents at Public Canadian hospitals.  Basic OR fees remain at $2,000, but an additional fee of $1,000 per hour has been added for procedures over 2 hours.  This does not include physician fees.  Ward (overnight bed) rates are $3000 per day.  For a complete list of fees see here.

These fees are about double what Canadians without health care pay, and 4 times what the hospital recieves for treating MSP patients (real costs).   The province has also instituted a system of registering MSP debt with the Canadian Border Agency to identify non-Canadians with balances owing from entering the country

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