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Explanation and resource library for understanding how the Resort Community of Big White is regulated. Information on roles of local, Regional, and Provinical authorities is included, as well as an overview on the Resort Initiative.
Community. BWMCDA; Big White Community Association
RDKB; Regional District of Kootenay Boundary
Includes Health, Highways, and Resource issues.
Alex Atamenko (NDP) represents the Big White and the Boundary/West Kootenay.
Ice Rink Proposal
The RDKB has commissioned a feasibility study to consider economic and social implications for a mixed use recreation facility at Big White. This is a brief outline of discussions during an informal meeting with Joe (MMM consultants) and Brian (Operations Manager RDKB) on June 21, 2011. Also present were Jeremy Hopkinson (VP Outdoor Operations Big White), John Mooney and Mike Figurski.

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