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Big White Community Summer Camp

Big White Community School Parents advisory Council has established a fun summer camp for all 2014 eligible BWCS kids.

The 7th annual Big White Community Summer Camp is in full swing on the mountain with an average of 17 kids from 5 to 12 years old attending every day from 10am to 4pm for adventures, activities and fun! Kids are enjoying everything from hiking, kite making, painting and slip n’ slide, to learning all about how Ski Patrol works and experiencing bush craft ! The summer camp daily activity program means that Big White kids are kept active throughout the summer without parents having to pay for day care or trek into Kelowna daily to find fun activities! The camp is grateful for the support of Human Resources Development Canada under their summer student program, BWCS PAC, the Globe.  Phillipa runs the camp with the assistance of junior councillors.   A great team of volunteer parents complete the picture, driving the camp kids down to Kelowna or elsewhere for field trip Tuesdays. Last week sailing day at the Yacht Club, this week Energyplex, next week Idabel what a summer these Big White kids are having! Have overheard on a number of occasions already though....”We can’t wait for the snow to start!”....despite the beauty of our summer up here, you’ll never convince these youngsters that there’s anything better than this mountain in winter


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