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In attendance were Michael J Ballingall, John Mooney, Mark Lofquist, Bryon Pesut, Mark Mustacich, Linda Nicholl, Krys Davies, Margaret Webb, Blair Ireland, and Marie Martin. Meeting was in the White Cryastal Conference Room



The meeting was called to order at 4.35pm on February 24th in the White Crystal Conference Room by Michael J Ballingall.



Approval of agenda:


Election of officers

Review of By-Laws

Membership Application

Town Hall Meeting


The agenda was unanimously approved.


Approval of Minutes:


Minutes from the last meeting had been read by members and were unanimously approved.


Open Issues:

Election of officers


Michael J Ballingall agreed to chair the meeting.

Mark Lofquist stated there should be between 5 and 7 board members.

Members were asked to volunteer.


Board members are:

Michael J Ballingall

John Mooney

Mark Lofquist

Bryon Pesut

Linda Davies

Margaret Webb

Marie Martin


Michael J closed the nominations and the motion to appoint board members was accepted with all in favor.

Section 12 of the By-Laws regarding the appointment of officers was examined and it was determined there should be a  President or Chair, Vice President, Treasurer and Secretary.


Michael J was nominated for president due to his knowledge and connections with the tourism board.

This motion was accepted with all in favor.


Marie Martin was nominated to be Secretary.

The motion was accepted with all in favor.


Mark Lofquist was nominated to be the Treasurer.

The motion was accepted with all in favor.


John Mooney was nominated to be the Vice President.

The motion was accepted with all in favor.


The President and Vice President read and swore the oath stated in section 12 of the by-laws in front of the board members.



Mark Lofquist stated that to re-activate the Chamber there are 2 papers that need to be filled out by the board and filed with the BC Chamber.


The motion was put forward to act in accordance to the current By-Laws until they are amended.

The motion was seconded by Blair Ireland.


Mark Lofquist proposed a change to the By-Laws that all businesses should have the appropriate license for the business they  are involved in .


All members are to review the By-Laws before the next meeting, changes can be made then will be voted on at the AGM.


Michael J stated that there should be a governents manual, Linda then found this in the by-laws.


John Mooney stated that in order for the bank to release information about the previous Chamber’s accounts the new Chamber needs to appoint 4 signing officers who are available year round.


Signing officers appointed are:

John Mooney

Michael J Ballingall

Margaret Webb

Marie Martin


Linda stated that in the minutes from the last meeting of the previous Chamber there was no mention of any amount in the bank.


The motion to act in accordance to the current by-laws until they are amended was carried and accepted with all in favor.


Membership Application

The membership application obtained from the RDBCC was distributed.

Michael J read out the charges.

Mark Lofquist stated that the tiered system could deter larger businesses from joining the Chamber.

Mark Mustacich asked how the number of employees for each business would be calculated, yearly or seasonally?

Michael J determined it should be counted seasonally from November 1st to April 30th.


The motion was put forward that the Big White Chamber of Commerce accepts the RDBCC Application as is.


John Mooney disagreed and proposed to change the joining fee of $250 from businesses with 26-50 employees to businesses with 26-100 employees.


The $500 charge was then changed to businesses with more than 100 employees.


It was then discussed whether a tiered system was the best option or a flat rate, it was determined that Kelowna has a tiered system and this would be better as businesses with more employees should make more money.


John Mooney stated that the last Chamber had a flat fee of $35, this was not enough money to operate and employ a paid administrator.

It was agreed by members there should be a paid staff member,  and it is beneficial to have more money to get things off the ground. Costs could then be covered by a grant until the 2% tax can start to be collected.


Michael J called for questions, there were none, he then read the new proposed fees.


8 members were in favor, 2 were opposed, the motion was carried to abide by the amended application.


Nikki will amend to form a Big White application and send out to all members and potential members.


Town Hall Meeting

Michael J will make an announcement at the meeting that a new Chamber is up and running and seeking new membership. He also wants to understand where all the tax dollars go.


John Mooney stated that $50,000 dollars are collected from the Big White tax base but Big White doesn’t see that money.


It was then discussed whether the Big White Chamber of Commerce’s application to become a resort municipality to enable them to collect the 2% tax on nightly accommodation would be accepted by the regional district.

Most members agreed it would be accepted because of Big White being such a large tax base and tourist draw.


The Kootney boundary doesn’t really have any other tourism draws apart from the Canada Trail, which doesn’t compare to the amount of tax dollars Big White brings in.

Website (added agenda item)

Mark Lofquist stated that the domain name could be purchased for a fee. He is willing to buy this and be re-imbursed by the chamber, to ensure this name for the website.


Michael J suggested that Big White Ski Resort should purchase this on behalf of the Chamber and be re-imbursed.


The motion suggested was: Big White Chamber will purchase the domain name


The motion was seconded by Linda.


The motion was unanimously carried, all in favor.


The Meeting was adjourned at 5.30pm


Agenda Items for the next meeting which will be after spring breaks:

Review of by-laws

Newsletter to create interest




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