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Study shows 85% reduction in ankle sprain recurrence with off season proprioceptive training.

Proprioceptive Training

Proprioceptive training decreases recurrent ankle sprains
Clinical Question
Do male soccer players with previous inversion ankle sprains have fewer sprains if they engage in proprioceptive training, strength training, or if they use an orthotic?
Bottom line
In this small unblinded study, male soccer players with a previous ankle sprain experience fewer sprains in the subsequent season, compared with untreated control patients, if they are treated with proprioceptive exercises. The study didn't have enough power to tell whether proprioceptive exercises are better than orthotics or strength training.
Mohammadi F. Comparison of 3 preventive methods to reduce the recurrence of ankle inversion sprains in male soccer players. Am J Sports Med 2007;35:922-926.
Study design:
Randomized controlled trial (nonblinded)
Unknown/not stated
Outpatient (specialty)
Eighty male soccer players with a prior history of inversion ankle sprain, the most common type of injury in many sports, were randomly assigned to proprioception training, strength training, the use of an orthotic (ankle air brace), or a control group. The main outcome was a recurrence of the sprain during one soccer season after the index sprain. The author doesn't describe using an intention-to-treat approach. The number of practice sessions and games for each group was the same (90 and 30, respectively). Eight of 20 control patients experienced a subsequent sprain compared with 1 of 20 treated with proprioception, 4 of 20 with strength training, and 2 of 20 with orthotics. Compared with the control condition, the only statistically significant difference was seen in the soccer players treated with proprioception. The study was too small to tell whether proprioceptive exercises are better than orthotics or strength training.
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