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Kokanee Spring Golf 2008 Monday April 28 to Thur May 1

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We're confirmed for all 8 rounds (two foursomes each). All courses should have 18 holes open (currently Castlegar has 9 open and Kokanee has 17). Four rounds at Kokanee Springs (the "Two Four of Kokanee package) forms the “core” component of a 4 day (3 night) 152 hole (8 round) package. The bus holds 17 people. We will try to go as foursome multiple (8, 12, or 16) to allow a tournament.

Event details


Apr 28, 2008 07:00 AM to
May 01, 2008 11:55 PM



Contact Name

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250 765-0544


1. Marlin
2. Mike F
3. Gavin
4. John Mooney
5. Chris DV
6. Mark H
7. Jamie Adams

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Day 1 (Monday); Depart Big White 7AM; play 18 holes at Christina Lake (447-9313; c=442 7524
) at 900AM and 908AM (confirmed) then 18 at Castlegar (365-5006) at 300PM and 307PM (confirmed).   Overnight in Nelson or Castlegar (free option would be my place).

Day 2 (Tuesday): Play AM in Balfour (229-5655) 830AM and 840AM (confirmed) then get on the Balfour Ferry (229-5655) to Kokanee Springs and play 1st  (of 4 tournament) rounds that afternoon (tee time 232PM & 240PM..

Day 3 (Wednesday); Play Kokanee Springs twice (booked tee times 718AM & 726AM, then 232PM & 240PM; last ones available) and listen to all sideshow Dave’s jokes three times (Kokanee Springs Resident “Pro”).  To see the Kokanee 2-4 program click here.
Day 4 (Thursday): Play Kokanee in AM (currently booked 1st avail tee time at 1022AM & 1030AM but we'll likely get an earlier time from cancellation), then Birchbank CC at 322PM and 33PM (confirmed) , before returning to big White around midnight.
 The cost (per person);
  • Golf and accom at Kokanee is $325 (taxes included)
  • Golf at Christina, Castlegar, Balfour, & Creston (4 rounds with cart) will be about $240.
  • gas/bus is $50 for the week
  • Food will be about $100 (breakfast/supper)
  • TOTAL; minimum $715 but will likely be closer to $800 (drinks not included)

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