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Dont be left in the snow, your Lease has Power.

Every year Big White Mountain has a massive influx of tourists hoping to enjoy the ski season for the 4-5 months of winter. When the masses arrive to Big White, their first priority is to find short term rental accommodation. Due to this high demand on real estate, apartment and condo owners have a 100% (or close to) success rate of renting out their property for the season.Owners (or landlords on behalf of the owners) and renters will be both asked to sign a lease detailing the significant dates of the lease and specific conditions to renting out the property.
Since the season commenced, I have become aware of many tourists, predominantly teenagers and younger adults, being evicted from their apartment or condo due to the illegal sale of the property to a new owner. In one situation, the buyer was unaware that the property had an outstanding lease until April 2008. As a first-time renter in Big White and after personally being exposed to some of the injustices mentioned above, I advise this: Obtain a copy of your lease, pay your rent on time and abide by the landlords rules. Also, for many Australians reading this, you may be surprised to discover how strict the rental laws are in the British Columbia. Take a read of the PDF Document titled “A Guide for Landlords and Tenants in British Columbia”  Published by the Residential Tenancy Branch. (you can find this at This document will instruct you on what to do in any situation that may arise during your short term stay at Big White.

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