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At 1105PM on Wednesday, March 7th, a bus loaded with passengers jack-knifed on the hair pin turn at the Black Forest Turnoff.

End of the Line

Extremely icy conditions were to blame, as mild temperatures caused black ice at village altitude.  Five vehichles experienced difficulty in a 10 minute period, two sliding into the ditch.  A loaded bus was unable to navigate the 180 degree switchback and spun across both lanes, blocking traffic.  Eventually the bus was cleared with a snow cat tow up to the village. 

In reponse to questions about sanding an Argo representative reported

"We had equipment problems last night. First truck had an electrical fire, second truck radiator split. We sent up another truck, but by then the road had already had gotten bad. So it took some time to catch up. Hope this explains our situation, we are well aware of the importance of big white. And maintain it to the best of our ability."

Chris Freer and the BWMC is currently in consultation with the Department of Highways as part of an Okanagan Chamber coalition for highway improvement.  

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